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Protect your personal belongings, family, and home with quality insurance coverage from Terry Pennington Agency. Our agents will review your homeowner’s policy with you for the most effective amount of coverage that may result in some savings. We offer policies that cover you in the event of damage, theft, injury, and more. If you are buying your home, call us today at (304) 255-4006 to get a free quote on either a homeowner’s or renter’s policy or contact us online and we will be happy to assist you.


Review Homeowner Insurance Options with Our Agents

The Internet brings a lot of information on insurance right to you, and it can feel overwhelming. Speak with a knowledgeable agent from Terry Pennington Agency. This enables you to make that personal connection so you fully understand and have an insurance partner. Our agents know the insurance business and the options available to homeowners in the Beckley, WV region. Choose from these homeowner’s insurance options:

  • Contents
  • Dwelling
  • Loss of Use
  • Medical Payments to Others
  • Ordinance or Law Insurance
  • Repair/Replacement Coverage
  • Credit Card Coverage
  • Personal Liability
  • Other Structures

It Pays for Renters to Have Adequate Insurance Coverage

If you live in a rental property, did you know your landlord’s property coverage might not extend to all your possessions? As a renter, it pays to have renter’s insurance to cover your interests in the event of a significant and unexpected loss. Having renter’s insurance can be important if you happen to have valuable property that exceeds existing coverage. Explore coverage options for external buildings, like garages or storage sheds. Get coverage on children’s play equipment, swimming pools, and many other special features. Ensure that your valuable heirlooms, antiques, or works of art are covered in your homeowner’s policy. Our agents have helpful information about options so you have the insurance coverage that suits your needs.

If you are a homeowner in the region with multiply policies, you may find discounts on home and renter insurance when you bundle insurance. So, combine and save today—just speak with our agent to find out if you qualify. You may also get discounts for:

Protective devices – if your home has smoke, burglar, or fire detection equipment installed.
Stay claims-free – get a lower premium on home insurance.
Home renovation credit – for renovating plumbing, heating, cooling, or electrical.
Roof rating – savings based on your roof’s age and surface type.
Home purchase – if you purchased a home within the last 12 months.
Prior insurance – for new members with continuous coverage.
Gated community – for secure locations protected by guards, cards, or key-lock devices.

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