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Insure your ATV or UTV with coverage from Terry Pennington Agency in Beckley, WV. Our agents know the importance of having the best insurance to secure your off-road adventure. Off-road vehicles may be used for any number of purposes, such as hunting, property safety, trail riding, or climbing through brush. When your ATV or UTV is what gets you around, connect with nature knowing you have coverage against accidents or the unexpected. Call Terry Pennington Agency today at (304) 255-4006 to get a free quote on ATV/UTV insurance or contact us online anytime.


Do You Qualify for a Discount?
Know Your Off-Raod ATV/UTV Types

If your household or business operates multiple vehicles, let your Terry Pennington agent know. You may qualify for a multi-vehicle discount or other savings related to your insurance coverage. Our agent can review whether your homeowner’s or business policy covers instances when you when you ride your ATV/UTV off your own property.

ATVs are all-terrain vehicles that move on low-pressure tires. They have handlebars for steering control, much like a motorcycle. The operator straddles the seat as they ride. ATVs may have three or four wheels for use on different terrain. Four-wheeled ATVs may be called quads, four-wheelers, or ATVs. Production stopped on older, three-wheeled models, but some are still in use.

UTVs are utility side-by-side vehicles designed for use off-road. These move on four or more low-pressure tires. UTVs have a steering wheel, tail light, break light, and two headlights, and generally seat two or more occupants.

ATV/UTV Insurance from Terry Pennington Agency in WV, VA & NC

Take your ATV/UTV anywhere in the region knowing you have coverage. Terry Pennington agents write insurance policies for customers in the WV, VA, and NC region who love to ride on designated trails and parks. Many states require ATV insurance to operate vehicles on state-owned land. We know the local regional insurance requirements, so you can be sure you and your ATV and UTV have coverage in the event of collision, bodily injury, property damage, and more.

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